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All-natural stocks made with culinary tradition

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Our stocks are made from slow-roasted bones with a minimum requirement of 20% meat content, as well as choice top-grade produce and aromatics — always locally sourced, all-natural and additive-free.

Every batch is made by chefs for chefs to ensure the best culinary experience for your restaurant. Slow-cooking yields an incomparable depth of flavor, which we capture by filtering and then passing the stock through double muslin twice prior to freezing for freshness.

Preferred by chefs for depth of flavor with room to customize.
The French Laundryper seBouchon, YountvilleThe Surf ClubAd HocBouchon, Las VegasRegiis Ova, Caviar LoungeLa CalendaThe French Laundryper seBouchon, YountvilleThe Surf ClubAd HocBouchon, Las VegasRegiis Ova, Caviar LoungeLa Calenda
Thomas Keller and Mitch Mitchell

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The idea for Proper Stock & Sauce Co.™ came to Chef Thomas Keller when he was sourcing premium, authentically crafted stocks for his own restaurants. He found he was returning time and again to UK-based TRUEFoods, where Chef Mitch Mitchell prepared stocks using traditional culinary methods that chefs have relied on for generations. Keller had been a long-time fan of Mitchell, having used TRUEFoods stocks for his pop-up in Harrods, London.

The partnership between the two chefs soon evolved into Proper Stock & Sauce Co. They established their Portland, Oregon facility in 2019, where they have been producing stocks for Keller's US-based restaurants — and are now making the same stocks available to restaurants nationwide.

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Chef-made for
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Chefs Keller and Mitchell share a vision of developing something truly special: A chef-driven brand dedicated to supplying restaurants with exceptional stocks and sauces made from carefully sourced, all-natural ingredients. Their high standards of quality are the same standards found in respected restaurant kitchens across the US and UK, many of which are Michelin star-rated.


Using Proper Stock for our sauce making and braising has saved us countless hours of labor and has ensured us an extremely consistent product. I rate it a 10 out of 10 and highly recommend.

David Breeden, French Laundry

Using Proper Stock has been a game-changer for me. Its convenience is obvious, but I’m continually impressed by its extreme consistency and quality.

David Hodson, Ad Hoc

Proper Stock has been carefully crafted to be a verbatim replication of the stocks that we prepared at The French Laundry and Bouchon Bistros. They enable us to have a leverage in convenience and labor without any compromises in quality or flavor.

Devin Knell, TKRG Research and Development

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